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Bonita Bush, CEO


" You will be a great Teacher" 

The moment when God spoke in the audible voice that I was to be a 'Teacher" of His ways, I had just spoken "I don't ever want to be a teacher." He surprised me so much that I looked all around to see if anyone else was in the room. It was an audible voice. He gave me a 'Call' at that moment. When He sent the Fireball, I received direction, tho at both times I did not realize it until later. I love how He has orchestrated my life. My strength is expressing the revelatory word, expressing insight and making simple the wisdom and ways of God.





Hebrews 11:3   By FAITH we understand that the worlds were prepared by the Living Word of God, so that what is seen was not made out of things which are visible.

Many times, God would supernaturally fill up the anointing bottle with oil and glory dust as she ministered .. This picture is when there had been only a drop left at the very bottom .. The people gasped when they saw this awesome extraordinary wonder.  Glory dust would be a part of the oil from Heaven.



As Bonita would pray over the offering, or as she would travel, heavenly deposits would 'appear'. Usually in variations of $20 bills .. in purses, in bank accounts, billfolds. Unexplainable of HOW it got there .. Just God!



Bonita Bush, Founder

  • BS , Business Adm. Central Mich. University
  • Career in Management, Sales, marketing
  • The Oasis, Founder, a home for women during difficult times of their lives '91-'96
  • Revival Reflections Ministries, Conference speaker Teaching and Itinerant ministry... releasing the revelatory word with even extraordinary miracles following
  • 1988 , God audibly spoke 'You will be a great teacher'.
  • 2004 , Fireball from eternal realm 'hit' me at the mention of Pine Ridge Rez, and impact knocked me off my chair into intercession for First Nations.. And changed my life
  • Healing Streams, Intl. Founder, Spirit-filled healing ministry to spiritually broken and oppressed
  • Mother of one son, Robert, and grandmother to Ryan.

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