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Healing for the Nations... In August of 2008, the Lord instructed that Bonita Bush and friends 'honor' the Tribal Council of Pine Ridge Reservation, S Dakota with a beautiful luncheon.. and that thru prayer and intercessors ask them how we can serve the people of OST... lifting up their current Rez situations to a God Who answers Prayer.

It was at this time that one Member asked, Would you build a Detox Center for White Clay. Those people are our brothers, sisters, sons and daughters,.. And we love them. They just have problems." Another member asked, 'If we give you the land, would build a detox center on it?"

During this visit we came to be most interested in how we may be able to help develop programs and opportunities that will be lasting and will help make a difference for this and future generations. The information gathered, the requests made and the challenges presented to us at that time have led us over the past months to develop a comprehensive approach to bringing real life solutions to some of the significant challenges that are present. We recognize that the problems are endemic and we do not have all of the answers as we are still trying to decipher all the questions but based on what we have seen and heard we believe that we can help in some specific areas and now have come to show some ways that we are willing to help.
We cannot just address the issues of homelessness alone or the issues of addiction alone as all of the issues are interconnected in such a way as to call for a comprehensive multi faceted approach that addresses the three areas of a persons life: physical, emotional and spiritual.

  • Conference and Healing Center, a base for community outreach  and stability
  • Men's residential Center and Admin.
  • Organic Greenhouse..
  • The Women’s Center.
  • The Worship Center.


Our Strategy
Healing Streams looks at the larger picture of addiction and homelessness. While this is a new initiative this is not a new thing for us and while there are certain to be some unique challenges in this region we understand that deep down people are people.

 The people who are in these conditions are hurting and need healing in many areas of their life.


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